A dream is one step at a time, learn to be patient until your feet brings you to your destination.


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Student/Leader/SEA Teacher

About Me

                     I am Jerome Bajado Azuela, 20 years old from Zone 5 San Jose, Bula, Camarines Sur. I am a student with high motivation and a big dream who comes from one of the most prestigious and outstanding schools in the Philippines, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Philippines.

The moment that I stepped into university and pursue a much higher education, I’d realize that I need to be something unique and different from other people. Before, I used to be an outcast, having no friends and being left behind in the corner of the classroom and I wasn’t that person who believes in my own capabilities. But, that perspective suddenly changed when I met my favorite mentor who taught us about life skills and meaningful learning. He told us that our fear and doubts are the one that limits us from doing things that we want to do, if we will learn to embrace failure and accept criticism, all throughout the race we will become firm and finally stand up high on what we are aiming for, but never forget that are ambitions cannot happen in one snap, it takes one step at a time.

                    I am a dreamer, because I want to navigate what lies ahead in the ocean of life and be able to manage the balance of the ship despite the strong waves of challenges and the distant path I am taking.

I am a believer, I strongly believe that God has greater plan for all of us, just trust the process no matter how long or hard it may take, because if the right time comes, if it is mine, it will be mine and nothing or no one can hinder it for being mine.

                  I am an educator, it has been my pleasure and pride that I have become a teacher, some would say that it is just an easy job but when I go through it, I was able to say that, indeed, teaching profession is a noble job. And I must say that I am proud that I was once a SEA Teacher.

                 I am a leader, I try to fit others uses and walk it to see how they are experiencing. I want to share my thoughts, I want to serve, I want to help, I want to join, I want to inspire and most especially, I want to lead.

                 I am an innovator, I want to be flexible at all the challenges and something new for my generation. I my creativity and artistry to multiply among my students for them to be able to use in their daily lives.

                 I am a proud SEA Teacher, because I am more than blessed by the almighty God for reaching Indonesia and be able to share my knowledge, skills and talents for my students and inspire them about what something is interesting about me and my country.

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